Mobile Device Management

Mobile devices include both tablets and smart phones that have a full-featured operating system. The operating system provides the framework required to install applications onto the device. Those applications - called apps for short - are what give the device its wide range of potential uses.

Orbit manages mobile devices by enabling and disabling specific apps as well as dynamically filtering content through the data connection.

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How does Orbit work?

Using a mobile version of DrawBridge, Orbit works on iOS, giving full control and peace of mind knowing...

1. Your favorite stock browser is filtered and can be used safely.
2. Essential apps are filtered.
3. Non-essential apps are removed from the device.

Can "regular" cell phones be managed?

It is true that many regular phones models – sometimes called feature phones or dumb phones – have browsers that are becoming increasingly capable.  However, these kinds of phones can’t be managed because the operating system is not robust enough to enable management features.

What mobile devices can be managed?

  • iOS (Apple) models such as iPhones and iPads.*
  • Ask if uncertain when purchasing new service.
*All Apple iOS devices must be initially configured by a Compass technician or partner. This configuration will reset the iOS device and cannot be restored from a former backup. Future changes can be done remotely and will not require a reset. Contact Compass for more details.

How does "dynamic filtering" work?

Orbit is smart enough to know when to simply hide questionable content on a page - while still making important functions usable (called "pruning") - and smart enough to know when it is appropriate to block objectionable categories completely.  This is the advantage of the dynamic web filtering you get with a product like Orbit.


Let's take the online shopping websites as an example.  Much of what is seen on the landing page is unnecessarily distracting, and can be inappropriate as well.  Orbit dynamically filters out most of the home page while leaving primary navigation buttons still available.


Dynamic filtering also includes knowing the difference between generally harmless categories (like automotive parts & accessories) and questionable categories (like Movies/Visual Media).